What is the USDDN?

Formed in December 2000 the Steering Committee coordinating the US Disc Dog Nationals (USDDN) is dedicated to organizing the annual Nationals Championships Series that commenced in 2002. The US Disc Dog Nationals is an exciting contest in which any team can compete regardless of their Club membership status or political affiliation within the sport.

Is the USDDN only limited to the US?

No, the US Disc Dog Nationals now have event qualifiers in several countries around the world. International competitors are welcome to enter and win all of the Nationals Series events.

What has been achieved?

The Steering Committee’s formation is in itself an important achievement. In the last several years, the Steering Committee has grown to the stage where it now includes representatives and elected members from disc dog clubs throughout all parts of the world. Consequently, it is the only organization in canine disc that includes active representatives from the majority of the world’s disc dog clubs.

The Steering Committee is wholly administered entirely by volunteers appointed by their disc dog clubs and other members who have been elected to key administrative and Championships staff positions. One of the unique features of the Steering Committee coordinating the US Disc Dog Nationals is that all the Committee members are required to be formally re-appointed (by their disc dog club) or re-elected (by the other Committee members) every year.