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Rule Changes Effective 1/1/2015:

  • Reduction in # of Qualifying Teams per Event
  • Increase in # of Alternate Teams per Event
  • Modification of Roll Down (Determination of Auxiliary Dog)
  • Additional Frisbees approved for use.
  • Reduction in Qualifying Teams/Increase in # of Alternate Teams

Additional Frisbees approved for Use

For our European competitors we have approved the Mamadisc Light & Mamadisc Medium for use. For our Japanese competitors, the J-Discs Numbers 1 – 5 have been approved for use.


Modification of Roll Down (Determination of Auxiliary Dog)

Since our beginning, the USDDN has allowed players to compete with multiple dogs but only take 1 Qualifying spot, regardless of the number of events the player enters. It has been somewhat confusing for the hosts and competitors to determine if their ‘second’ or ‘third’ dog is also eligible for USDDN Worlds. To clarify this, the USDDN Steering Committee has agreed to the following: A competitor and their dog may be designated an Auxiliary dog if they have Qualified with a different dog (either at that day’s competition or at a previous one) AS LONG AS they finish before the last qualifier is identified. This eliminates the requirement that they must have finished within the top 5 placements in the competition. We will include a more detailed example of this in the 2015 Judges Handbook to be published shortly.

As communicated in the 2015 Announcement, the USDDN has changed the Roll Down policy for identification of Auxiliary Dogs. The purpose of this document is to provide an explanation of Roll Down and an example.

What is Roll Down?

Every USDDN World Qualifier is open to all competitors wishing to enter. The USDDN does not restrict the competitor from competing at multiple Qualifiers or with multiple dogs. However, a Handler will only be awarded one (1) Qualifier status. We will utilize a “roll down” methodology to determine the new Qualifying Teams at each event. This means we “Roll Down” or “Pass” already qualified handlers when we are identifying the qualifiers from THIS event. There are four (4) official “Qualifier statuses” to be awarded at each event until all 4 Qualifiers & all 3 Alternates are identified:

  1. Qualifier (1 through 4)
  2. Alternate (1 through 3)
  3. Already Qualified (Handler already qualified)
  4. Auxiliary Dog

This may be best explained through the following example. These are the final results from an imaginary qualifier:

Qualifier Status Competition Placement Competitor Dog Notes:

Already Qualified 1 Yachi Vega Qualified with THIS DOG at a PRIOR Event

Qualifier 1 2 Chuck Bam Bam

Qualifier 2 3 David Ro

Auxiliary Dog 4 Chuck Bling Bling Qualified with a DIFFERENT DOG AT THIS EVENT

Qualifier 3 5 Andrea Moxie

Auxiliary Dog 6 Tracy Rampage Qualified with a DIFFERENT DOG at a PRIOR Event

Already Qualified 7 Tracy Siren Qualified with THIS DOG at a PRIOR Event

Qualifier 4 8 Daniel Nick

Already Qualified 9 Jeff Killian Qualified with a DIFFERENT DOG at a PRIOR Event

Alternate 1 10 Dominika Kiper

Alternate 2 11 Alena Jerry

Already Qualified 12 Tim Auggie Qualified with THIS DOG at a PRIOR event

Alternate 3 13 David Hippy Chick

14 Laura Frenzy

15 Jimmy Cisco

With the new methodology, using the example above – Tracy & Rampage are now granted Auxiliary Dog status. Tracy would have her choice to compete at Worlds with either Rampage or Siren. Prior to this change, they would have been only “Already Qualified”, as they were in 6th place in the tournament; only Siren would have been eligible to play at Worlds. Notice too, that Jeff & Killian are NOT granted Auxiliary Dog status. They did not place before Qualifier 4 was identified.