2016 USDDN Worlds Recap & Acknowledgments


Congratulations to the 2016 USDDN World Champions:

Super Open Freestyle Winners:  Mona Hirai, Andrea Rigler and Yachi Hirai
Super Pro Toss & Fetch Winners:  Tracy Custer, Kosuke Hirai and Chuck Middleton

The competition in both divisions was fierce! Mona joined the ranks of 2x World Champions – Chuck Middleton, Tracy Custer, Yachi Hirai; though only Chuck has done so with 2 different dogs.  And this was Tracy’s Second time at the top of the Super Pro podium with Courage!

I truly mean that “We” did it.  It could not have been done as well if not for the outstanding  staff of volunteers and competitors that jumped in to help where needed and everyone that kept the event moving smoothly along.  Most memorable to me is the positive energy/Sportsmanship prevalent throughout the weekend – competitors being ready to go when called, helping to clear the field for the next round, cheering on their fellow competitors, etc.  You all make me proud to be part of this great sport.

Thank You

I said it this weekend but it bears repeating – the Organizers of the 2016 USDDN Worlds – Troy McConaughey, Chris McLeod, Cara Hutto, Debbie Tringale.  This team gave of themselves for MONTHS to make this weekend happen.  You all rock!

Besides our organizers, we must thank our Primary Sponsors:  Bayer (K9 Advantix II & Seresto), Purina and Clarion Inn; as well as the Sponsors who provided such great items for our players:  Kong, Sili Pint, Mountain Dog, Nupro, The Gripper Leash, Bio Bag, Cartersville-Bartow County CVB; and, our other sponsors:  K9 Einstein, The Canine Ranch, and Georgia Dog Gym.

And HUGE thanks need to go to the Volunteer Staff:

  • Steve Mize – who stepped in to MC the event and did a fantastic job – helping us recover when we were behind schedule on Saturday – You amazed me!  He came into this with little experience in how we run events, no experience with the Super Pam Plan/Pam Plan yet nothing threw him!  THANK you!
  • Troy McConaughey & Team Japan for our live stream – you all worked hard so that those that were unable to make it to GA could experience USDDN2016!
  • Our Division 2 & Super Open Freestyle Judges:  Veronika Urbaskova, Pam Martin, Ron Ellis and Jac Greenlee and timer Colleen Callahan – who together judged over 120 rounds of freestyle over the 2 days
  • Our Division 2 & Super Open Toss & Fetch Judges:  Shane Williams, Colleen Hegyi, Bob Hegyi, Marni Brown and Clay Farmer – who were the first to figure out the ‘new’ automated timing, dealing with any technical glitches as we figured it all out!
  • Our Super Pro Toss & Fetch Judges:  Shane Williams, Colleen Hegyi, Keith Hutto and Chris McLeod and the field managers: Cara Hutto & Debbie Tringale.
    • Note: Special thanks to both Shane & Colleen – they were on the field for each and EVERY Division 2, Super Open and Super Pro toss and fetch round this weekend (188 total rounds!!!!)
  • Our Pro/Novice/Junior judges: Chris McLeod, Keith Hutto, and field managers Cara Hutto & Debbie Tringale.
  • Our admin staff who helped with Registration, manning the admin desk, running score sheets, and all the rest we threw at them:  Cathy Sullivan, Anna Bryant, Cara Hutto, Chris McLeod, Marni Brown, Laura Moretz, and Cyndy Ellis.
  • Our fantastic scoring duo of Pat Nadarajah and Barb Champaigne!  You ladies did an outstanding job juggling score sheets Saturday for the Super Pam Plan – always making sure the sheets were ready for their next round whether it was Freestyle or Toss & Fetch!
  • Our Field setup/logistics crew:  Steven Heeter, John Everly, Gary Morneault, Troy McConaughey and everyone who stepped up to assist!
  • And all of those competitors who stepped up & stepped in when we needed a hand!

On a personal note, this was an emotional weekend but all of you made it easier for me. The positive feedback and energy you gave me (love the hugs!) boosted me up when I needed it.  For the first time in many years, I was actually able to socialize ‘after hours’ because of so many that put their hands in to help out. Thank you to my Granite State Disc Doggers for taking care of my dogs while I juggled event responsibilities and letting me hang out at the TAJ at night!. You ladies (and Leo!) are the bestests! I’m honored to call you friends!

I still didn’t get to watch as much of the competition as I would have liked but it was a HUGE (bigly?) step up! 😉  Congratulations to ALL the competitors – you’re all winners in my book!